In this Article we going to talk about a platform called WEBTOON, where you can read Webtoon!! and giving you a list of completed webtoon so you can read full story at once without waiting for uploads.

Didn’t grok it??

What is Webtoon?

Webtoons are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea. While webtoons were mostly unknown outside of the country during their inception, there has been a surge in international popularity of webtoon thanks in great part to most manhwa (Japanese comic) being read on smartphone.

WEBTOON is a great platform to discover original content. Not only are the panels colored, but the long, scrollable format also gives a ton of freedom to the artist to draw however they want. They have some really great music that you can play along with the chapter too.

Chapters are wholly free. Just recently, they added a pay-to-view feature where you can pay to access the latest chapters. I honestly think it’s a great move since it goes back to the artist and motivates them. Plus, the chapters are gradually made free-to-view 1 chapter per week so you can wait for the chapters to turn into free ones if you don’t want to pay. In the end, everyone wins.

1. Winter Woods

An alchemist once lost a family. In his grief, he tried creating a new son of his own through alchemy. He pieced body parts belonging to corpses together in hopes of making a new son. He ultimately succeeded, but the boy didn’t have a heart… Or did he?

The poor boy held onto his father’s hand for years until he is finally discovered by folks from modern times. You see, he’s an oddity. He’s alive yet he is not. He’s what we call a literal living corpse, and scientists want to know what makes him tick. So they started an experiment. They made him live together with Jane Reina, an inspiring writer, in hopes that it may spark something in him.

I really enjoyed the character development in this webtoon. While it’s a story about MC’s coming-of-age and discovering love, it’s the same for Jane. Winter didn’t know a lick about feelings, so watching him reacting to new things is really endearing. Once things start to make sense for him, his thoughts and reaction gets a little painful to watch. Read it here.

2. Refund High School

This series is adorable and I won’t let you change my mind. Aru Kim is a 19-year-old high schooler. Her aspirations are simple – go to university. Unfortunately, she has to put that plan in her backlog because she got hit by a car and died immediately.

Things happened, and uh… She’s now going through high school again to earn the ticket for an assured reincarnation into whatever she wants. Of course, there’s a catch. First, her memories get wiped clean and it is up to her to earn back her memories with good grades. Second, her schoolmates include humans and monsters!

Also, there are 3 other students that died along with Aru. Aru doesn’t recognise them but everything links back to that same fateful day they died…

The plot is nothing catchy, but it did the theme of friendship and forgiveness really well. The monsters and expressions are really colourful so it’s enjoyable to read after a hectic day. It’s a great series if you enjoy reading about friendship amongst high schoolers. Read it here.

3. Carl

Any comic that has A.I. and robots as their theme has never failed to catch my eye. Carl is one of these.

Carl is a robot psychiatrist. Basically, he listens to humans complaining about their worries and gives them solutions. As he keeps listening to our worries, soon Carl has his own worry. He starts feeling things like fear and anger. He starts feeling… like a human! This is a problem because it’s an unprecedented event. He has to hide this or risk being demolished. Read it here.

4. Oh! Holy

Jamie Oh can see ghosts. He’s timid and soft-spoken, but he is kind. Holy Joo is a friend of Jamie Oh, and she’s the opposite of Jamie.

She’s strong and good in everything she does in school (except cooking) but unfortunately, says some crazy stuff.

She’s not afraid to cuss, and a bit of a tsun-tsun towards Jamie. Unfortunately, her antics got her into a coma one day. Feeling guilty, Jamie set off to contact a reaper to save her. The plot sounds serious but it’s a good ole comedy to the bone. You’ll enjoy the series a lot if you enjoy crazy dialogues that’ll make you cackle out loud. Read it here.

5. Soul Cartel

If you enjoy seeing fights similar to Noblesse, this one is for you. The Cha siblings are exorcists and their family’s been in the trade since forever. Shihoon is the younger brother and he’s really good at sports. He was chasing after a soul when he encountered a devil named Mephistopheles. Luckily, all Mephisto asked for is knowledge of Faust, which Shihoon did deliver the next day. Mephisto then explained how he had waited for 500 years for Faust to be reborn, all for the sake of their contract. Things happened and Shihoon find himself diving into the afterlife together with Mephisto.

This series has a lot of fights, and I find the plot to be redundant. If you enjoy seeing angels, devils and humans just clashing, you’ll like this one. Read it here.

6. Nano List

Milo Ahn is a normal high schooler living in a world where you can find androids anywhere. They can be working for schools, on the streets, and even as celebrities. Maddie Ahn, scientist extraordinaire in android production and big sister to Milo passed away one day. She left behind a few things to her sole little brother – a fortune enough to live by comfortably, her colleagues’ name cards, and a cute killing machine for his birthday, Nano.

Life goes on as usual for Milo, but things aren’t about to stay the same once he realized the extent powerful people would go to take away his new addition to the family. Read it here.

7. Always Human

This series is all about genetic engineering and seeing past your outward appearances.

In a world where genetic engineering is the norm, everyone uses mods. With mods, you can change your eye colours, change your hairdo and even your face structure. Our MC, Sunati loves using mods and changes her appearance whenever she feels like it. So it was strange to see a girl not using any mods at all. Sunati approached the girl to befriend her, only to unbolt a flood gate.

It wasn’t that she isn’t using any mods, it’s more like she can’t use any mods. The girl quickly left, leaving Sunati to ponder her mistake. They soon meet up for a cup of coffee, and the girl named Austen explained her condition. Also, Sunati asked Austen to go out with her. Yup, I love this series already when I reached this chapter.

The author used water colour-ish techniques, and panels occasionally spill out which makes it a treat for the eyes, along with the music playing in the background. I could tell the author really like the colour blue.

This is a relaxing and wholesome series all in all. If you like short reads (the chapters are short), this is for you. Read it here.

8. Super Secret

Emma is a college student who lives next door to a family of mythical beings. Since any human that found out about their true identities need to have their memories wiped, they had to act normal and blend in with society. There are many things Emma didn’t know, including the fact that her neighbour’s son plus a childhood friend of hers is all of these things – a werewolf, is guilty of her clumsiness and in love with her.

This author draws some amazingly nice-looking four panel comic. The choice of soft colours really makes the whole comic feel cutesy. It’s a good romance four panel comic in general. Read it here.

9. Athena Complex

There are a ton of comics about Gods and myths, but this series is honestly quite unique. Our MC, Athena, is the same one we knew from Greek mythology. She is the Goddess of Wisdom and War, and daughter of Zeus and Metis. The myth explained in the series isn’t far off from the original one but there’s a twist – she’s in love with Poseidon, her tutor and parent-like figure. She confessed to him many times only to get rejected again and again. 

She finally snapped one day and the story begins 1000 years later, where Poseidon was reborn again in the body of a Korean high schooler named Adrian Waters Lee due to a curse. Athena masqueraded as a fellow male high schooler to get close to him but it wasn’t out of pity or comfort. She wants her revenge, no matter what it takes. But nothing ever goes smoothly. Strange events are happening, and gods are meddling into Athena’s affairs. Are all the events related to the secret behind Poseidon’s curse?

10. Annarasumanara

Buckle up, because this is as magical a trip as it can get. Yun Ai is a really, really poor high school student. She’s poor enough that she drinks water for lunch and continue to use her old stockings despite it being full of holes. Her life is miserable and her dad’s a terrible person, but she tries her damn hardest to get by. Her life changed when she met a magician in an amusement park but he’s… a bit of a lunatic.

He strongly believes the existence of magic and would do anything to make it look real. The magician is crazy, but he has a good heart. Bit by bit, her encounters with the magician make her feel life is worth living if you just look at the magic of things. Maybe adults aren’t that bad after all?

Alright, I won’t spoil you any further because you really need to read it to appreciate the message and the art. It’s subtle but it’s definitely there. A ton of bloggers have already reviewed it and the overall feedback is that this series is real good. Read it here.