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What Is Webtoon?

Webtoons are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea. While webtoons were mostly unknown outside of the country during their inception, there has been a surge in international popularity of webtoon thanks in great part to most manhwa (Japanese comic) being read on smartphone.

Chapters are wholly free. Just recently, they added a pay-to-view feature where you can pay to access the latest chapters. I honestly think it’s a great move since it goes back to the artist and motivates them. Plus, the chapters are gradually made free-to-view 1 chapter per week so you can wait for the chapters to turn into free ones if you don’t want to pay. In the end, everyone wins.

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Top 10 Webtoon Full List :

1. Lore Olympis

Witness what the gods do…after dark. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love. Because it turns out, the gods aren’t so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories — The Taking of Persephone — as it’s never been told before.

This Webtoon is a retelling of the classic Greek mythology of Hades and Persephone. It’s their love story from the moment they first meet, and features a wide range of gods and goddesses. 

Lore Olympus tackles a ton of modern-day issues and is so wonderfully drawn. Each character is extremely unique both in appearance and personality. The romance is also so genuine and wholesome, fans can’t help but love it.

2. Freaking Romance

A supernatural story about being out on your own, finding your dream apartment and discovering that your new place is haunted by a handsome spectral stranger from another dimension. Sure, HE can’t see you and YOU can’t touch him, but who said every relationship starts out perfectly?

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3. Down to Earth

Kade lives his average life alone and undisturbed… until a cute alien girl crashes into his backyard! By opening up his home, will this other worldly girl inadvertently open up his heart?

4. True Beauty

This Webtoon is a take on Korean beauty standards. True horror fan, Jugyeong, is an utterly average teenage girl. She’s pimply, doesn’t have double eyelids, and just doesn’t see the beauty within herself. That is until she binge-watches a ton of makeup tutorials and tests it on herself. Now the issue is letting anyone besides her immediate family see her without makeup.

Like I Love YooTrue Beauty was once labeled as a drama and completely read as a Korean drama show. But recently, the love triangle has gotten a bit heavier in the plot and the comic’s genre was changed to romance.

5. UnOrdinary

unOridnary is an ongoing series under the superhero genre of Webtoon and has been one of the most consistently popular toons on the app, always within the top 5 of Most Popular in All Genre.

Everyone in John’s school for the elite has superpowers, its the norm of the unOrdinary world. Everyone, except John. They call those with the lack of power cripples, and they are expected to keep a low profile. Think Gossip Girl meets My Hero Academia, the rich and elite (with a disdain for the lower class) but they’re also students with superpowers. It’s up to John to survive his classmates while also hiding a secret of his own.

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6. Cursed Princess Club

Meet Gwendolyn – living proof that princesses don’t always have it all. See, although she lives in a castle and her father is the King, Gwendolyn isn’t like a movie princess, or even a fairly-tale princess. She’s got a big heart, but isn’t particularly attractive and doesn’t have a Disney-quality singing voice. But one night, she accidentally stumbles upon the twisted world of the Cursed Princess Club, and her life will never be the same. Hexed and cast out, the ladies of the club are just the people Gwendolyn needs to show her that just because she doesn’t “fit the mold” does not mean she’s any less of a princess.

7. Age Matters

She’s a hopeless romantic who’s turning 30 – and is not super happy about it. He’s a reclusive billionaire who’s hired her to be his assistant – and he’s not too happy about that either. Together they rewrite the rules of friendship, love, work and the BEST way to clean someone’s apartment.

8. The Remarried Empress

Navier Ellie Trovi was an empress perfect in every way — intelligent, courageous, and socially adept. She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. “I accept this divorce… And I request an approval of my remarriage.” In a shocking twist, Navier remarries another emperor and retains her title and childhood dream as empress. But just how did everything unfold?

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9. Midnight Poppy Land

After making a grisly discovery in the countryside, a small town book editor’s life gets entangled with a young Mafia lord and his intimidating bodyguard…even as every step she takes draws her deeper into the dangerous underworld of the city.

Midnight Poppy Land is another romance Webtoon and is actually fairly new to its roster. With only about 25 episodes, this Webtoon has been ranked as the seventh-best comic right now. After an attempt to spontaneously meet her boyfriend goes horribly wrong, Poppy ends up getting herself tangled up with a young Mafia lord and his bodyguard.

Midnight Poppy Land fills the need of “tall, dark, and handsome” meets “clumsy and cute.” It is no wonder this Webtoon has moved so high up the ranks in such little time.

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10. Mage and Demon Queen

Adventurers seek to take the demon queen’s head, but a love-struck young female mage wishes to take her hand. Join us won’t you, for this bawdy tale of love and persistence set inside a real-life RPG.

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